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Jukebox Hire

Planning a party can be a challenging task. Especially selecting the music for the event is one of the hardest parts of making all the arrangements to ensure its success.

At first glance a band or DJ might be considered as the logical choice, but the problem that always comes back with this is that bands and DJ’s cater to a particular type of music, which will please some, but never all of the guests. However, if the option of Jukebox hire is being considered, the obvious conclusion has to be that it is the superior choice when compared to a band or DJ for providing the music to a party.

The wide variety of songs that come with hiring a Jukebox

With Jukebox hire,  a Jukebox comes equipped with a large variety of songs. Some of them come with music collections that go well into the thousands of songs. There are Jukeboxes containing as many as 10,000 or 20,000 songs. This ensures there will be something in there to everyone’s taste in music. This selection can be random or pre-programmed into detail, ensuring the Jukebox is a musical means for all intends and purposes, capable of providing the music on almost any event.

Advantages of hiring a Jukebox

When the choice has been made in favor of Jukebox hire there are many advantages compared to the alternatives besides the music collection itself. A jukebox does not have a schedule to keep, can’t get sick and cancel its appearance on the party, unlike performers in a band or a DJ which could have been hired instead.  In other words; a Jukebox is far more reliable than any human performer could ever be, does not tire and it even has a broader repertoire.  The fact that guests will have the option to choose the songs they want to hear is also a big plus when opting for hiring a Jukebox.

Ease of use

Today’s modern day Jukebox is nothing like the old CD or vinyl single driven machine it used to be in the past. Modern Jukeboxes are sophisticated pieces of technology on the inside, while childlike easy to use on the outside. Menu driven screens that are intuitive and very user friendly make selecting the song of choice as easy as can be. While easy to operate the Jukebox still comes with a wide variety of options, like a continuous play mode, which allows it to play for hours on end without silences in between. The program can be interrupted at any time to play a special request, and then picks up the programming again immediately after.

Jukebox hire is the professional way to provide music on any party because it comes with a professional sound system good enough for providing the musical entertainment for crowds up to hundred people on average and for special occasions it is possible to hire a jukebox that is equipped for handling even larger crowds.

Jukebox hire is by far the superior way to cater to all musical needs for a party. It is more reliable, contains a wide variety of music, while the classic shape of a Jukebox adds to the atmosphere of the event.


Jukebox Hire